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HE'S DOING WOLVERINE I TELL YOU! He's so secretive really that it's impossible to know what's up. XP

Well he is a dragon so no wonder the motif is like his lucky charm. XD & AHAHAH BAD GUY ROLES! Yeah he should do more tbh. XD

Hell I WISH he'd be doing The Wolverine. :((

The major theme of the song is 'What's really scary is not dying but your life itself in which you chose to keep running away, is it not?' Are you not running away? Don't run away from your weaknesses, and keep on fighting the things you know you have to face.

Signing under these words with both hands. Dear G, this is so true, and thanks for pointing this out yet again <333

He says he's been immersed in 'movies' in the last 2 months including the Dragon Age filming, but soon adds "Well, or so I hear" in order to make it sound vague. Hmmmmm, the boy's been busy. DOING MOVIES.

I can only hope that he'll be able to chew what he's bitten off 8P And that the amount of stuff he's involved in won't compromise the final quality of what he produces...

Dear, i read in that other post of yours that you think that YFC are probably not coming to USA. Have i missed anything official on this topic? Or this is just your assumption? If they end up not coming btw, i'm afraid that to me it'll be a sign that he actually isn't too successful at chewing XDDDDD

No, he hasn't said anything officially, but considering he was talking about American tours happening in Jan/Feb originally, and also considering he'll have to star really focusing on the Moon Saga play very soon, there doesn't seem to be much chance of YFC coming to the USA any time soon at this point. =/ *sigh*

i wonder what he meant when he said that he was treated very poorly..
it wasn't up to his expectations or they really treated him badly compared to others?
i hope their didn't treat him differently compared to the other actors

awwwwww how adorable can he get????? >3< <333333333333 LOLOL!!

ohh, also...

"Why? Why am working so hard?" and came to the conclusion that "That's because I'm samurai". In the end, I am samurai."

We know that, bb. =w=b

thanks, Valval! :D

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Tantrum G~. x3
I wanna see that. x3

"Don't run away from your weaknesses, and keep on fighting the things you know you have to face."

This is one of the many things I admire about him.
The dude's one head accident away from insane, but he usually has a point.

Thanks for translating, Val-san~! <3

"This is one of the many things I admire about him."

Me, too. ;w;

It's a very patronizing message...

Patronising? Hmm. That's not very nice.

The DJ was like that throughout the whole show. I kept it on long after GACKT had left and she was just as annoyingly enthusiastic about everything. I wanted to gag her.

Yeah, patronizing...
That's how I translated the phrase "上から目線の". I also thought about 'condescending', but that's too harsh and not really to the point.
He's been describing a lot of his songs with this phrase lately, ever since EVER. Other examples are Graffiti and End Of The Day.
Not sure how better to translate it. Any idea? 'Bossy' doesn't cut it, either. Preachy? :/

I know, she was very hyper about G at the end of the show, wasn't she? LOL

Hahaha, I think I might recall the incident during the BUNRAKU filming he was talking about. He had his makeup and hair etc done and then got left sitting in his trailer all day because they didn't need him yet and he had nothing to do but write blog entries full of RAEG. lol.

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Ohhh, is that what caused it? I do remember that episode vaguely, but do you know for sure that's what triggered the rampage?

(Deleted comment)
We SHOULD be laughing about it, just like he was during the broadcast. XD

You me laughing so hard on that dont F**K WITH A ROCK STAR!
The director apologized...
You see, G, its not Japan over there.-quoted from spicy-
Cant throw tantrums...XDDD

Thanks for it!!!

lol the italic part made me wonder... can he really be like that? I wanna try it out and see with my own eyes, one day i'm gonna give this callenge a try >D

thanks Valval

I love that he trashed the set, there he was working hard doing his best, if you get treated badly, you have to stand up for yourself! haahah.

Yep. Because it's G and we know how hard he works, we can totally forgive him and even cheer him on at times in his tantrums! LOL

I wonder if the staff would have done the same if he was a western rock star... but good on him to stand up and make himself heard ^^d

"don't f*** with a Rockstar" - why am I LOLing ? O_o'''''
I really wonder what he's plotting for the future
Thanks for translating !

O-nee-san you make me speechless and even more, which actually shouldn't be possible. Your timing together with his timing is's....x_X b

I love you. You are wonderful. I don't know what I'd be doing without you and your kind work. And I'm a bit sorry that this typed letters lack the warmth and expression to convey how serious I am about this.

Awwwwwwwwwwww, don't be silly!! X'3
I'm just doing this because I really enjoy it, dear.
But thanks so much, I'm really glad to know my translations mean something to the readers. ^^

hahahahaha EPIC TANTRUM! lolz

Lol as much of a nutcase as Gackt gotta love him!

Although, honestly judging from the blogs Gackt made during the filming of Bunraku and from the numerous reports from him and the other cast members, the filming process did not really seem to be very well put together. Although I know that's a common thing for smaller/newer film projects and producers.

Lol but I keep trying to imagine G throwing a tantrum! XD

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