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<33333333 *feels the tears coming* omg i shouldn't cry now... ;w; *is at the uni*


I still have not watched this... because I'm not ready to yet (is that weird?)
Someday soon I will.
But this little message.... *sniffles*


thank you :)
i love this song :)

*sniffles* awwww boys the emotions you evoke with such simple words <333

Hey! Weren't you talking about Eckhart Tolle lately? Last week I actually met his niece in a French monastery. Had to think of you immediately. :-)


Tolle is my teacher in life..... always. ;______;

How did you end up meeting her? *0*
She's in a French monastery??? @_@

Relax! :-D
I met her in Taizé.
I spent the last week there and she did so, too. She is actually from the Netherlands. Obviously her father (or her mother I don't remember) emigrated there from Germany. She is not really in this monastery but just visited it for a week, as many other people do, too.
She's a really awesome personality with a strong faith and a sweet humour.
Anyway, just had to tell you. ;-)

Oh, I see~. :3

Haha, I wonder what it's like to have such a famous uncle. ^^
Does she go by the same last name, Tolle? (OK, that's my last question XD)

That is absolutely beautiful!

I still remember words like that from the concerts I have been,
they made me cry...

I thank you for the translation.

Sad and so beautiful ;_;

"Even on those nights you're too lonely to fall asleep, put your hand to your chest and know that, always, WE ARE RIGHT THERE WITH YOU!!"


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