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Just the AML message part
red rose
Just quickly translating the message part of AML from this Makuhari final upon request.

(Only the Japanese parts, of course.)
From around 6:15

J "Lastly, we will send you these feelings of ours."
G "Especially at a time like this, I want you to keep on smiling.  You are not alone.  Even on those nights you're too lonely to fall asleep, put your hand to your chest and know that, always, WE ARE RIGHT THERE WITH YOU!!


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Hey! Weren't you talking about Eckhart Tolle lately? Last week I actually met his niece in a French monastery. Had to think of you immediately. :-)


Tolle is my teacher in life..... always. ;______;

How did you end up meeting her? *0*
She's in a French monastery??? @_@

Relax! :-D
I met her in Taizé.
I spent the last week there and she did so, too. She is actually from the Netherlands. Obviously her father (or her mother I don't remember) emigrated there from Germany. She is not really in this monastery but just visited it for a week, as many other people do, too.
She's a really awesome personality with a strong faith and a sweet humour.
Anyway, just had to tell you. ;-)

Oh, I see~. :3

Haha, I wonder what it's like to have such a famous uncle. ^^
Does she go by the same last name, Tolle? (OK, that's my last question XD)

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