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'Your entire body
I will hold it tightly, my cheek pressed against it
And I will not let it go, so don’t cry anymore'
Such simple lyrics with so much emotions...

'But I will make sure I’ll keep the promise I made to you'
This is the one got me teared up, especially when I watched the JnT Live...T___T

Thanks for the translations!!

It's actually a pretty sad and yet curiously uplifting song, isn't it? G's a master at combining 'sad' and 'uplifting' in his music. Y___Y

Thank you!!

°_° Heart-breaking?......^^' I guess I really feel quite different about certain things. Oh well *shruggs* I'll give a bit of closer comment once this is on OGYD :3

Thank you very much for translating, o-nee-san.

Perhaps because I'm pretty sure whom he wrote this song for? 9_9

OkieDokie, I'll wait for your thoughts then. ^^

Wanna knooooooooooooooooooooow. Is it the person I guess? Because I guess it's for the girlfriend that was sick.

You will? That's sweet! :3

o_o *suddenly confused* O-nee-san, why are the translations of the upper and downer parts differen? x_X

Hmm? Are they different? :D;;; Can you point it out?

While holding on to my arm ||| Holding on to my arm

In this place, I will be by your side ||| Right here, I will be by your side

XD The differences are small, but with the first one it somehow gets slightly different feeling depending on the version (but that is propably just me) I simply found it fuy that it's different in first place, like you typed them seperately *lol*

Ohhhh..... LOL

I usually do the top part first, and then copy&paste and remove the Japanese text at the bottom, but I often end up editing the bottom part and forget to do the same to the top part... X'D

*lol* So the buttom part has priority then! XDDD Very well!

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