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My GACKTish Days

and some other days

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I can't wait for my copy to arrive!!
Sadly my copy is getting shipped with UtLD and the YFCz albums, so I'll get it a little later than everyone else >___<;;
Still!!! Uber excited for Nemuri-sama *A* I'm glad you loved it so much!!

Oh, you combined shipping? That's good, though! Shipping can cost an arm and leg..... ;A;

I did enjoy the play, it was entertaining and exciting. But it was actually the whole "GACKT DID IT, AND DID IT WELL" thing that chokes me up... ;w; (Wuuuuuuuut? X'D)

Yup, I didn't realize you could do that until recently xD;;

Awwww, how wonderful ;3;~

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