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I was so glad to pick up the soundtrack, and really sad they never sold it online.

Meh, I'm terrible with names!

Kyoshiro's mother? That plotline didn't really click... I don't think. I thought it's presence in the play was kinda, IDK, pointless? (maybe that's a little harsh, but I hope you understand my meaning) Okay, it gave some background and depth but it didn't play the role I expected it after reading the history of previous Nemuri Kyoshiro portrayals and how heavily it was featured at the start of the play.

I think you actually did amazingly well with the names, those old Japanese names and titles really confuse me!! LOL

Hmmm, interesting. Not sure if I thought it was pointless, but I do think it's a little bit confusing (I wasn't sure which of the women it was in the flashback, and am still a bit unsure 9_9). The timeline of the evil deeds of his father also confuses me a bit. =X
Hopefully I'll understand better when I watch it again.

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