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This made me d'aaaaaaw XD

Not sure which to comment on, that G has been obsessing over meeting Jessica Alba for years, or that he apparently has no interest in Angelina...

Maybe people have said he looks a lot like Angie? XDXD


I can totally see him trolling people with that.

"Sure! I'll introduce you to Angie.... what? Wrong one?"

Angie is not happy G. :P
anyhow more for me !lol *crazy stan*
thank you Val <3

Don´t worry G, in Pitt´s age you will look better than him.
Thank you, Val!

thank you for the translation
the second message made me smile :)

LMAO, evil G is evil XDDD but i understand... i don't like Angelina Jolie at all... >.> XD

thanks Valscaaaarrrrd <333333

omG when i was reading that... i thought G was gonna be like... u wanna meet Angie... here *holds our Angie to him* XD

Ahahahaha. Last one. Loved this. Thank you! ^__^

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahaha~~~~ OMG he is right! XDDD Sometimes our dreams come true in another way than we'd expect *lol* Poor Masajii

OMG LOLLLL! That's all i can say. I adore G's sense of humour. (who doesn't?)

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