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GACKT's LINE Message - May 25, 2012
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(first message)
The meeting's finally over.  Today tired me out...  I said I'd drop by the studio if I could make it in time.  Now, will I make it?  I finished watching "Moneyball" in the car on the way [to the studio].  Brad Pitt's a good-ol'-middle-aged man now.  He looks awesome even in my guy's eyes.  I thought "He'll reach the top in Hollywood" when I first saw him in Interview With A Vampire, but it's really an incredible feat to have become a star of his caliber and to still be active on the front line at his age.  Masajii, the representative of our company, has been persistently telling me since 4 years ago "My dream is to have Waka [= young lord = G] introduce Angelina Jolie to me".  Just the other day when I worked with Jessica Alba, Masajii said "I'm feeling it.  Hollywood is approaching me" with so much confidence.  I responded "Why would Hollywood approach you?"  He said "Why? Because you've been making all of your dreams come true so far.  You used to say 'I'm definitely gonna meet Jessica', too!!!" so excitedly, it looked like he was gonna lose it any minute.  So, I told him.  "Surely I've been realizing my own dreams, but Angie's not part of my list of dreams."  "EHHHHHHHHHHHGGG, never heard that before.  Let me meet Angie right now". 
(continued to second message)
As Masjii said this, my dog Angie kept rubbing herself against his leg.  Masajii, without being aware, petted Angie's head and said "Ohhhh, such a good gurl, you're so cute. I missed you, Angie" in baby talk.  I thought to myself "I guess his dream has already come true".  Well well, I guess I'll go do the radio now.  I'll be back. 

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This made me d'aaaaaaw XD

Not sure which to comment on, that G has been obsessing over meeting Jessica Alba for years, or that he apparently has no interest in Angelina...

Maybe people have said he looks a lot like Angie? XDXD


I can totally see him trolling people with that.

"Sure! I'll introduce you to Angie.... what? Wrong one?"

Angie is not happy G. :P
anyhow more for me !lol *crazy stan*
thank you Val <3

Don´t worry G, in Pitt´s age you will look better than him.
Thank you, Val!

thank you for the translation
the second message made me smile :)

LMAO, evil G is evil XDDD but i understand... i don't like Angelina Jolie at all... >.> XD

thanks Valscaaaarrrrd <333333

omG when i was reading that... i thought G was gonna be like... u wanna meet Angie... here *holds our Angie to him* XD

Ahahahaha. Last one. Loved this. Thank you! ^__^

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahaha~~~~ OMG he is right! XDDD Sometimes our dreams come true in another way than we'd expect *lol* Poor Masajii

OMG LOLLLL! That's all i can say. I adore G's sense of humour. (who doesn't?)

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