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Land of Country Music
red rose
Yes, I am there.  In the land of country music.  Nashville, that is.
In a hotel room, alone, exhausted.  Almost had a mini meltdown when I realized I forgot to bring my P.J.  Y____Y
Why am I here? 
I'm just here to renew my Green Card.  I have to do this once every 10 years if I want to retain my Japanese citizenship since Japan doesn't allow dual citizenship.  Yup.  Thanks, Japan. 

Since there's nothing interesting on TV, and I'm tired, just relaxing, I'm just gonna blabber about a little bit of what's been going on in my little life.

There have been lots of semi-unexpected expenses in our household in the last month.
1) Green Card renewal application and processing fees = $450
2) Complete replacement of our air-conditioning unit for the upstairs. = $4,500
3) A new chair and a recliner to replace our old, broken ones. = $1,000+

OH JOY. :'D;;;;;

Where are these monies coming from, I have no idea, but all I have to do is just work hard, right?  Yep.
So, I was working hard on this assignment that was due today since yesterday, pretty much worked all night, hardly slept because the boys woke me up, then finished it up in the afternoon. 
Only to find out that it was a cancelled document that I'd simply forgotten to delete from my schedule..........................
$500 of work for nothing....................... All the exhaustion and lack of sleep for......nothing........................
It was 8-10 hours worth of work.......................
Is it terribly bad that I immediately thought of 100 Frappuccinos flying away from my desperate grabby hands? ;A;
I couldn't get over this shock and self-loathing for a while, and I had an outburst on Twitter. :D
(Thanks so much for tolerating and supporting me on Twitter, Dears, you guys really did make me feel better.  :'3 *sniff*)

Now, what's been done is done, so I just had to move on.... and get ready for the trip.
I'd eaten lunch kinda late and my stomach wasn't doing too well, so I didn't really want a dinner.
But I wanted a FRAPPUCCINO. >:D
So, I drove by my favorite Starbucks after leaving the house, never mind that it was at least 20 minutes out of the way. :D
Ms. GPS did not like this ONE bit, she kept yelling at me the entire time, "Recalculating, recalculating..."  Gahhhh, she can be so anal. =3=
Got myself a Venti Frappuccino, which made me feel so much better, and then threw in a little packet of cashews, realizing that I wasn't gonna eat dinner.  That was $7.50 total.  $2 for that sad little packet?  =A=  Starbucks, the cashews were fine, but not THAT fine, OK? (butIloveyou)

So, finally I was gonna get on the Interstate, when I realized that Ms. GPS was telling me that I'd get to the destination (Nashville) in a little over an hour.  Now, there's NO way that can be true.  Nashville's AT LEAST 2 hours away!!  This confused the heck out of me, I pulled into the gas station and called husband, who calmly informed me "You know, Nashville's one hour behind, the GPS's just showing you the arrival time in local time..."
................... 9___9........... oh yeah........... 6___6 .................

Anyway, I got on my merry way after that without a hitch (except for getting onto the Interstate in the wrong direction first and having to get off it and get back on again in the right direction  :D  yay me).

I hadn't been listening to GACKT for a few weeks, and blasting his music in the car (which really is the only way you can truly enjoy his music while driving) was SO relaxing and wonderful, it was just what I needed. ;w;
I was singing to them, too.
After passionately singing Setsugekka like I was on the stage myself (with little potatoes and tomatoes in the audience), tears came down my cheeks.  Such a gorgeous song.  More of these, please, GACKT-san? :'3
And then I sang Love Letter just as passionately, and really wished we, Dears, could just get together and have a huge GACKT karaoke party. ;3;
OH, if you don't have the instrumental version of Uncertain Memory, GOSH, you're missing out!!!! \>0</

Anyway, thank you, GACKT, for keeping me awake and safe and a bit crazy on the road, and for making me forget about the money lost.  ;w;

Now, I have to wake up early tomorrow to get to the office at 8AM, I'm just gonna watch (again) the Episode 9 of Game Of Thrones, which just came on on TV in front of this king-size bed I'm in.  :D

After the appointment, I'll meet my friend who lives in Nashville before heading home.  I hope everything goes well... zzzzZZZZ

Jeeeez, why are hotel rooms always so cold. =A= *goes to turn down the AC*

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Oh, those are two songs I sing passionately too! XD
I do wanna do a karaoke party with other dears as well *NOD NOD*

I'm sorry for all your troubles, but things will get better, am sure ^^

Take care of yourself nee-san ^^

"Nashville, that is" Why do I hear you saying that with a southern accent in the way of the Beverly Hillbillies? XD LOL

No PJs? Just do what I do and SLEEP NAKEY!!!! And hope there isn't a fire or something XD...

You're welcome XD

Man! I missed my Valscard singing G songs again!!!! I'm still sadcakes that the karaoke place closed down...and Ms. GPS is still anal?!? She'll never change I guess XD.

Hhhmm, I remember you saying my room was cold too, but that was my own doing...I love cranking the AC in the summer XD LOL

Funny G expression icon for your amusement XD LOL

Sorry to hear about all those unexpected expenses. New A/C's a killer expense! D: but you'll enjoy it in the summer. ^^ And man, I can only imagine how frustrated you must've been after burning all those hours working on that translation you didn't need to do. T____T </p>

Haha you sound just like me with getting on the interstate the wrong way XD singing loudly in the car and being confused about the time change. Perhaps we should never travel by car together. XDDD We SHOULD do karaoke together if we ever meet tho! That would be sooo fun. I was hoping to catch you online but should've known you'd be sleeping early tonight. Wait, I didn't wake you did I?!?! D: well, hope everything goes smoothly tomorrow and have a safe trip home! You should pick up another frappuccino on the way home too. ^^

*whispers in a creepy way* I see you...XD *hugs*

Kyaaaaa~ *runs*</p>

*comes back to return your hug* XD ^^

Don't you love when so much happens all at once & seems like it keeps piling -3-
I hope you at least try to get some decent sleep today, hun ♥


Argh, visas and shit. I had to go from here (rural Yamanashi near Mt.Fuji/Kawaguchiko) to Kofu and back three times to renew mine. Probably at least $200 in bus and taxi fare before even paying for the extension x____x

But hey, I had a nice long listening to Gackt session this morning too. Why's he so fantastic? Tell me =___=

Sorry to hear about all those misfortunes T__T Wanted to send you a virtual hug yesterday, but Twitter went crazy and didn't allow me to.. Well, maybe it wouldn't help much anyway ><

G's music is so good at cheering us up, huh? I had a bad day yesterday, and at some point only listening to his songs helped me to get through and not outburst in rage or pass out. Genious he is.
Strangely enough, I also kept not listening to him for a while and broke the silence with a few songs including Setsugekka. What's not awesome about that song, seriously?.. Lyrics are one of the best poems I've ever seen, music is gorgeous and oh, so much emotion in it <3 Hope there will be more like this one related to Moon saga now.

Wish you all the best for your trip ^^ Enjoy it as much as possible, please?


Good to hear you arrived safely :D

I had a good start into the day as well, more or less :D
Went to sleep at midnight, woke up at 1.30AM, coughing, feeling strong like superman and batman combined, so I jumped right out of bed. I had big plans: BAKING BREAD! And making my müsli. Originally, I had planned to do that in the morning, but who cares! Between kneading, shaping, proofing and roasting my oats-sunflower-seeds-mix, I listened to celebrated poet's poems (Goethe, Schiller, Heine, Busch), listened to a couple of thoughts from interesting people, including Kant, Nietzsche, Freud and G.

Burnt a big tray of müsli, but managed to bake three rather big loaves -w-
Not to mention that I put that dough together from scratch, using what I've learnt about doughs :D

Right, I stuffed myself with rice all the time too, ate cheddar and drank milk. :'D

And all of that between 1.30AM - 6AM.
Because I went to relax in bed at 6AM. And fell asleep. Woke up 7.50AM. Then 8.30. Then 9.30AM. After that, I decided to put an end to that pattern. -3-

Take care Valval <3

Aww girl! So much trouble you went through. *hugs* T_T

You know I've been wondering about the dual citizenship thing. How do you hold both if one country doesn't allow it? :S

You don't have both. Since she's married to an American, she kind of has a temporary American citizenship (like he probably would have in Japan), but she still needs a Green Card to prove that she belongs here. If they were to get divorced, her citizenship protection from her husband would be revoked and she would need the green card anyway.

Japan has Visas and permits (several levels, just like the US: student, work, travel) and they have Resident Alien permits that are like Green Cards in the US (if you wanted to live there and keep your original citizenship, like pyroyale, and blogger/Dancing Stormtrooper Danny Choo).

Here's a wiki article on multiple citizenship:

(I know of one of Choo's blogs that talked about his Resident Alien renewal, I just have to look for it...)


Ahhh like we have Resident Visas here in Oman. Thanks for the explanation. :D

YAY! You got it! You're welcome~
*can't find Choo's blog about it, but he mentions it several times... Alien Registration card site search. Site is VERY image heavy*

In my line of work, more than half of what we do is for nothing.

Yes, G is the best cure for taking away the troubles. And sleep. Hope you get plenty of it tonight. *hugs*

*huggles ValVal* I usually forget comfy clothes for the room too </p>

Sorry I missed the rant, was pulling my own hair out and ranting at my folks (helping them with legal work and saving them a ton in fees). Why cant they just shut up and leave alone is beyond me, its that way for a reason whether they like it or not.

Have a safe drive home and another frap okay!

:( so many expenses
i hope you'll manage just fine
are your kids doing well? i'm glad that at least on that side everything is ok, right?

i don't like hotel rooms that much either :\, i prefer my home a billion times

OH GOD, SO MUCH MONEY!;___; I’m glad we don’t need air-conditioning... And good luck with finding the perfect chair!!

And YAY for the FRAPPUCCINO. Not that much yay for the expense… But you are still happy... You don't need to get out of country to get one!!xDDDD

[instrumental version of Uncertain Memory equals lots of my fangirling over GACKT’s instrumentals!!*w*]
"instrumental version of Uncertain Memory"... ... ...
It's amazing!!! I adore the base, the random noises, the violins and that wandering piano and the kinda hunting guitar sound!!!! And yeah I can go on and on about his instrumentals…Like the strings arrangement of Seki-Ray??? *faints* xD GACKT is an exceptional composer! I think in the shadow of his voice people somehow tend to forget that...xD But for me it’s an essential part of him!! Why I love his music… I REALLY REALLY miss the composer G... :( I buy singles specifically for the instrumentals (and B sides lol).... And I still so very much long for an instrumental of Cube... *wants badly* ;D xD

P.S. I hope that king-size bed was very comfy!;D And safe journey home!!^^♥

I hope you are feeling better now and had pleasant journey back home.

Your story about listening G while driving almost made me feel bad because I do not have drivers license. Could this give me motivation to get one? Hmmm...

"[...] and really wished we, Dears, could just get together and have a huge GACKT karaoke party. ;3;

Awww that would be amazing. (Can we have Romanji for that please? XD)

Quite some moved time you had, o-nee-san. I'm happy G-san could cheer you up and make it and nicely for you. I appreciate how he pushes at your back! :') I hope renewing your Green Card goes well. ^___^ Take care on your journey and come back safely, please. <3

Just wow.... :O .... WOOOOOOOW

.... u must have an awesome AC thingy.... for that price... cuz all I got is separate wall ones stuck into my walls ....that my dad put in.... >.>

sounds like ur this close *shows thumb+pointer finger an inch apart* from breaking down and breaking something or going crazy... but the frapp save u ... I hope everything goes better tmrw/today. :D

Aww Valval, I am so glad that G raised your KIAI during your drive!

I remember when I blasted G songs when I commuted to my summer job one year. And then my EVER cd arrived in the mail, and my summer just became awesome.


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