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Oh G <3 *huggles him* I know that feeling about those kinds of dreams. They are always the hardest to even deal with, and usually they are the most vivid too. I agree with everything he said about those kinds of dreams cuz I feel the exact same way...and one of the things he actually hates about himself is his arrogance? *hugs him more*

He needs a clone to take some of the stress off himself. They could take turns sleeping.
Possibly his nightmare is a result of thinking about cleaning the tombstone?

Haha, probably not, although I'm no psychoanalyst. <^^
He sometimes goes off to clean this ancestral tombstone in Okinawa before he starts something important in his career. My ancestral tomb is in Japan, as well, and when the Japanese go visit theirs, it's often not something gloomy or to dread, but more spiritually cleansing and sacred, even calming (at least for myself XD).

But who knows what could've triggered the dream, you may very well be right. Haha.

I wanna hear G speak more in that cute okinawa dialect... in a non-angry-killer-aura kinda way~ ^o^

"but it was a dream full of my arrogance, which is what I hate the most about myself"

O_O i thought that he loooooves that about himself :|

he sounded adorable in this post :)

I once had a nightmare, that depressed me afterwards. It was unbearable to the extent that I woke up crying and scared. Looking at the plot from an objective view point might not reveal the drama, but for me, my deeds and choices were a very obvious problem.
Adding to the heaviness is the fact that I usually don't remember my dreams. If I do, it's a big deal for me, good and bad. xD

Thanks for the translation :3

Awwww Gaku.... ;___; i just want to hug him. ;3; <333333
But this is how it is with bad dreams, ne. Some of them can really leave this terrible feeling behind, and even though you know it was just a dream and it isn't for real and isn't serious because you would never do something like that, you still feel guilty... :(

Aww G! ;_; I've been having weird dreams too lately so I know how he feels. :(:(

Aw. Just want to hug him.
All my dreams are bad, because I never seem to dream about G. Not fair.
Thanks for the translation. ^__^

Thank you so much for translate!!
He is so cute!!!

Thank you for translate. =)

hi gackt ! i am nehal, i hope you are fine but tired, i want just to tell you "thank you for all" you help me whene i was been in the sadness in the death of my mother, i had not found something to make my heart fine and get powers, nothing else sweet and solid voice like yours, you give me a reason to live and to beat in this life, and please let me to tell you this "you are my pearl" you are my "gem" take care *see you* <3 kiss kiss kiss <3

Hi, I hate to put a damp on your enthusiasm, but I'm not GACKT, I'm just a fan translating his words.
I suggest you send your message directly to him, instead of leaving it here where it will most certainly not be read by him.

I know this kind of feeling myself.

I’m not sure if it’s a blessing or a curse that I often remember my dreams.
I often try to find the meaning behind my dreams, most of the time I can’t find it...

Bad dreams are always messing with me, I think about them a lot.
They can have an impact on my whole day.

I hope the staff member he talked about, gave him a big smile, so that he feels comfort.

Thank you for the translation.

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I owe you a PM, I haven't forgotten, Jess. ;3

"a dream full of my arrogance, which is what I hate the most about myself"

I love him. SOOOO much.

Thanks for the translation!

GACKT has dreams too, even if he almost doesn't sleep O.o ? *LOL*
Bad joke I know haha....but thanks for the translation ! ;P

I'm really glad it's been a while since I had any real nightmares.. They just leave that bad bad aftertaste...:/

And, wow, this is really such a sweet message... I'm really touched!

And it's kinda inetersting, because just yesterday I was talking with someone about how this what we call his S-ness can be really funny and entertaining when we watch it on a TV show, but in real life it can get very tiresome and people get hurt by it... I'm really glad to see he regrets it even when only happening in a dream! And also that he can admit he can be arrogant...

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;o; *gasps* someone safe me! I'm falling for him for the 1.000.000st time again. Just HOW can this person be existing so far out there, out of my reach? Y_Y Sometimes he has me squirm realy badly because of it. Now is one of those moments. Some king person go and hug him from me please! >.<

*runhugs o-nee-san meanwhile* Just what would he be without you? I'll tell you: an arrogant looking pretty teenie-idol-doll like person (person! not even man) I'd never have wanted to know any further. o_o ....... are you even aware of what you're doing? You're GACKTing everybody! Without you (and a bunch of other ppl, like: e.g. amaiasweiledpyroyale just to name some) he'd never ever gotten famous enough to get to EU on tour. o_O Is it OK to throw heaps of "thank youuu~~~~~~~"s from deep down in my heart every time you translate sth.? X'3

Gawd G ;____;

Wow he has such a big heart and now I want to give him a hug. I know that feeling pretty well too. It's crazy how real dreams can be!

Thank you for translating! :)

Poor G! I hate bad dreams, sometimes I've woken up crying and I can't remember much of the dream but I feel awful all day and often accompanied with a head ache =/

I woke up from a bad dream on the 2nd but I didn't remember anything from the dream other than the awful feeling! TT___TT ANYHOO, at least he can do something about it! I couldn't since I didn't remember!

気持ちわかります!You know feeling!!!!

I have the same thing. HUG ^ ^ I hope your heart is transmitted kit. What's GACKT, really, and - I'm deeper in love, from this morning, is thrilled. Always, we spun the words of Mr. GACKT. A sentence is a sentence, I will POWER, to be noticed.
And it is tempting to raise the level of the heart. Today, to take care of thanks to smile, trying to remain a day of memory! And, in Okagesama with us ^ ^ I think that our ancestors, there is now his. Dari is making noise in my blood, also spring force, and that everyone Okagesama of our ancestors, I believe, will also fully alive today! Please your body and your self-love. In a busy time, we really thank the published.

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