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I think I've missed something O_O was someone getting attacked?

I don't want to spread any more negativity than it already has been, so please don't worry about it if you don't know what happened. I'm sorry for making you curious, though. m(_ _)m

Oh no worries, it's my own fault for keeping myself to myself and making my home a rock to dwell under, lol

Actually that may be a good thing.

I just hate hearing about hate in this fandom, but then since a large part of it is internet based it's not a surprise, anonymity seems to give people more of a cause to let loose their inhibitions.

I'm glad I missed most of that argument but what I saw made me shake my head. True words, I think you phrased it very well, it's saddening that things got out of hand like this. Attacking a single person in the name of others is just not acceptable...

I'm on Tumblr frequently, so I'm glad you made this post. I try to keep myself out of arguments, but some people really take things way too far and it's ridiculous. I love this fandom, but god is this fandom harsh.

I don't know what doesn't surprise me more - the fact that this is happening or that I'm not surprised that this is happening.

Very well said post.

All you need is love.
Yes that's what I'm here for having fun and spreading the love around. But I've never encountered negativity maybe too new or just oblivious but I agree with what you said if it needs to be said. <3

I read something about this and made me so sad, 'cause I couldn't figure out why all this rage is running around a fandom, while 気愛 must do it...

Truthfully post!

I don't have Tumblr, so I have no idea myself what this is about. However, I assume this has something to do with the YFCz-breakup and the views of people have about it... Because for what I've seen on some blogs and such, there have been terribly harsh and cruel words flying around. Not good :(

After break up 'announcement' I'm trying not to read any YFC posts on tumblr. I knew there's a lot of bitching but I guess something more unpleasant must have happened. People are sometimes so unreasonable.

(Deleted comment)
I'm always surprised over and over again how "mature" some people are. They wouldn't dare to spread hatred and negativity in your face in the real world. The anonymity of the internet. You've gotta love it... -.-

Well put Val my opinion of said individual is similiar to yours and the attack upon them by an anon on tumblr is disgusting and totally uncalled for I saw what was said and for one person to speak for so many is just ugh I have no words, and I rambled again sorry.

I know this is OT and probably the worst topic/post in which to bring this up but god damn I can stare at that icon of yours for hours and still not feel bored. ♥

aww no I understand it is hard to not stare at him, especially when he is eating ♥

I can't believe someone resorted to attacking that person, that's stooping far too low. I have my opinions, but I would never treat her any differently because I can separate my feelings from my actions. Just smh. Forever.

I'm glad that I don't get included in arguments like these. Arama is enough for me at the moment. :S

Just going to copy paste my comment from twitter....

My reaction to what was happening when I first came online yesterday even before things escalated out of proportions.... This way… :( One of the resons I haven't commented on your previous post. Not that your post was really bad in any way... I just couldn’t look at it all anymore... The fandom...

People have right to their opinions but... But actually mocking people(and it was happening behind backs too), not just to that specific girl... And not only on tumblr, but on twitter too and done by people I would expect to know better...>>;;; Just... disgusting all of it together...

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I'm glad I'm not on tumblr! Man, too many people have nothing better to on the Internet, except spew garbage. *sigh*

The Gackt tag on tumblr is a dangerous place & i avoid it as much as I can.
And you're right Val,opinions are just that,attacking the person is not nice !

Just gonna leave a comment here cuz I promised you I will Val.

Last year at uni, I got to befriend one of my floormates. She was an international student from Eastern Europe. I first talked to her after I noticed her in the dining commons at a crazy early hour every day and studies there until her first class, like I do. From what I talked with her, she was very kind and soft-spoken, and she and I shared the same traditional upbringing.

She was also a columnist for the school paper. One day, she published an editorial in response to the rape cases that were sprouting up at this certain area of dorms. (and yeah, it's the same one I mentioned earlier on another post of yours) She wrote that these cases could have been prevented if the female residents weren't at the drinking parties wearing revealing clothing and getting intoxicated.
Now, our university is very, very liberal. Therefore, once her story was published online, there was just a looooooong thread of hateful, threatening comments.
The following repercussions were just so tragic: my friend got kicked off the paper, she locked herself in her room, she stopped going to class, and she had a family member come visit her to cook for her and take care of her. But ultimately, she didn't say good-bye, and I haven't seen her since.

Now, the thing is: I understood her point in her editorial. I've been in that residential area on the weekends, and I see SO MANY girls displaying an utter lack of dignity and self-respect. SO MANY. The threat exists.
But nobody else on campus understood. They called her sick.

And so, it comes to show: that honest opinions are never safe to speak out. It is best to go along with the crowd. Cuz once somebody brings up an idea so outrageous, everyone will label the commentator as perverse.

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Oh, goodness, that's really sad what happened to your friend!
She was probably young and naive to think that the readers will know that she was only making suggestions so that the crimes will lessen. I don't know what the rest of the article said, but I'm wondering if she dedicated enough of her article to the condemning of the crimes. If the focus of the article was on how girls dressed and drank at night, then I think it's only natural that the readers got so angry, though.
It's like blaming the victims for the crimes committed.
This kind of reminds me of what Jeraldo Riviera said about Trayvon shooting. He said that young black and Hispanic men should avoid wearing hoodies. Now, I guess he also only meant to be helpful, but you can imagine the anger this caused within the black community as well as turned Riviera into a laughing stock (again).

But I don't think that honest opinions are never safe to speak out, though. Honesty is my best policy, and I do state my opinions honestly. However, there are CERTAIN things you should keep to yourself because of the misunderstandings they may cause. IF my friend got raped, I would NEVER ask her "Were you wearing revealing clothes?" because it's simply unkind and inappropriate.
So, while I do sympathize with your friend, I can also understand why people got so mad, especially since I'm sure some of them were the victims themselves and their close friends.
Rape should never be blamed on the victims' wearing skimpy clothes at bars late at night, as idiotic as it may be. Rape should never be blamed on the victims, period (provided that it really WAS rape).

And if you still really want to make a controversial point, you can still do so by choosing your words very very carefully, and with the understanding that you may very well receive backlash for it.

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