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ugh, he sounds really frustrated... and stressed... poor Aniki. :( me no likes. me worried... ;w; *sighs* we need to send him some KIAI! >w<

thank you Valval!^^ <3333

One of the things I respect so much about him is how he always keeps a positive view on things, how even when things aren't going exactly the way he wants them too, he keeps telling himself that they need to keep on going, that it'll work out as long as he and everyone involved in the project keep giving it their all. I really do admire his determination and positivity, and sometimes I wish I could be like that more often. :)

Anyway, that tweet is kind of worrying. Difficulties aren't unexpected but.... =/

aww poor G no wonder the last thing on his mind is the YFC stuff right now poor thing I just want to hug him, but he is GACKT he will get done what needs to get done.

Thanks as always Val

Stressy month ahead for our stressy boy.

Thanks, Val. :)

Thanks for the translation <3 I really hope he'll manage to rise that tension in all the people involved in the play. I know how it's important, especially at the beginning *sigh*

It's so nice to see all these "reports" ^_^

I would love to know how he stays so positive when it's obvious he's stressed to the rafters. "creating is hard" he says....I'm sure the finished product is going to be beautiful! Go, G!!
Thanks for translating :)

Thank you,again <3
I wonder how frustrated he is right now & if he sleeps,eats *sigh*

I love his enthusiasm and his go-for-400% spirit.  I also love that this play is really his, and can't wait to see it.  I'd loooove to see it in person. T___T  But, I'd really hate to work for him.  I'm sure everyone is doing their best to meet his expectations, and if not, I'd absolutely expect G to have a word with them.  But in private, not by complaining to the world. -__-  Anyway, thanks for the translations!  I don't bother trying to read the Japanese knowing that you'll be along with your wonderful translations. ^^ Oh and who is Tom Ichimura and what is his company?

how can i find you on twitter?...plz..

Who? Me or GACKT?

you the profile with red rose..^ ^ Ivan..

Oh, I'm @ExcusedEarly there. :3

Ah, I love this kind of speech !

The sense of tension, aw, how much I know it ! And I used to think it was no good to live with it, I've heard so many times I could be a handicap and blah blah... Thank you so much, Dear Val, to give me (and all of us Dears, of course !) the possibility to read him ! Now I know G has this tension too, I feel much more confident ! XD

I just want to wish him the best for this play ! 'Believe in you, G !!!! :D

And I want to know more about his GACKTism now... Aw ! *.* Feeling hungry for more G words ! XD

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