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*huggles your post* THIS. SO MUCH. ALL OF IT. :3

(Deleted comment)
I think Cha will be just fine, he's been with G this long and been through ups and downs right along with him. ^^

I think G, as stoic as he is, has very deep emotions on certain things. And yes, of course he hurts. Who doesn't, right? ^^


*deep sigh*

I will admit when the news first broke I was crying probably more for selfish reasons other than anything else, that the dream of seeing him was gone and now I'm back at the start all over again, but then when you so kindly translated what Takumi said it did start helping me to feel better. Why did it because I know in my heart Gackt is probably just as upset if not more so than us it has been his dream too to expand as far as he could and now he too is back right at the starting point in regards to that.

Yes I did want to hear his words on it but for some reason Takumi's words of fun things planned settled me and keeps the hope alive. So I sit here a few days later definitely at peace with it and back firmly in my seat along for the crazy ride that is being a Gackt fan. I love the man, have faith and know that he will continuing pushing forward as he always does and will continue to do for as long as is humanly possible.

To sum it up I am not and can not be mad at him and I will love what YFC has given us and just look forward to the new chapter from him and them individually or together what ever may happen.

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at first i wanted to hear something from him too, Twinnie. i wasn't upset or mad at him AT ALL because of his silence. but i was broken by the news and i guess it would have been easier to me to get over it if he himself said something about it. i don't exactly know why. but then another day passed and i've totally come to peace with it and wasn't bothered by it anymore.

*TAYACUDDLES you and your comment* <3333

Oh, Mary, you cried? ;3;
Glad you're feeling better!

Well, sounds like we'll still hear some music from YFCz in Yoshitsune, so let's look forward to that.


I think so too Val! When people are upset about something, sometimes they don't like to talk about it for a while, some circumstances in my life I have felt I didn't want to discuss about right away, or even have the words to, and I have friends who are also the same.

I think he might be trying to bury himself in other work to keep from feeling too down about it but I don't know.

He's said in the past, that sometimes he likes to be left alone (okay I think that was regarding relationships with girlfriends, but I think it might also be applied here)

I think he'll talk when he's ready to.

"I think he'll talk when he's ready to."

Exactly. We could all use a little patience, huh? ^^

I actually agree with a lot of what you said here. I was actually thinking about this the other day, and I thought it was a little weird how silent he had been. The whole break up was not announced well in my opinion considering all of the people that were left confused and upset and then only to later have Takumi briefly mention it in a blog before explaining the whole thing during Nicoradi.

But I was thinking the other day and I thought that it was a little weird that only Takumi and Chacha had said something. I had already been feeling a little bit worried about Gackt for a few days because he had seemingly been avoiding everything like the plague, but now that I think about it more, I think that just maybe the break up might have affected him a lot. Like you said, YFC was something that meant a lot to him and he had a lot of fun doing it. I really do think that he would have tried his best to keep the band alive, but according to Takumi, it wouldn't have worked out. So, I do think that he's upset by the break up and just doesn't want to talk about it. Like a lot of people, there are probably times where he just wouldn't want to talk about stuff he's not happy about. So I wouldn't be surprised if he's disappointed it didn't work out, and he probably wants to avoid the issue as much as he can (at least concerning his public online activities and such since we don't know what he does in his own life). And I imagine that he's been super stressed out with the play and probably some other stuff, so I can imagine that having to break up a band he loved so much probably doesn't do any stress he might have any good.

>I think fans are upset because they feel like GACKT doesn't care about their feelings.

I think you have a point here. A lot of people that were fans of YFC and were impacted by the break up are/were really upset, and people tend to think about only themselves when they're upset. And when it comes to being a fan of a musician, I think fans are quick to say "They don't care about the fans" when they're really not thinking how it might be affecting said musician(s). Musicians are human just like us, and they all aim to please their fans. Gackt loves his fans and we all know this, but when he says something that makes people mad or when he stays silent like he is now, they're quick to draw the "he doesn't care" card without taking into consideration what he's feeling (which is easy to do considering we don't know him personally). I personally would like to hear the announcement from him, but I can understand possible reasons why it didn't come from him. If he really is that upset about it and just wants to avoid the subject, then I think he'll do that until he's ready to talk about it it. I get the impression that he doesn't run away from problems or challenges, but I also get the impression that he'll try to avoid situations he doesn't like, which is kind of supported by his silence and lack of talking about YFC.

As a YFC fan, I was sad when I heard they broke up. I will admit that I did have to cry, lol. But after it sunk in and I was able to accept it, I realized that it really was better for the band as a whole since they couldn't decide on a common goal. And I think that even though Takumi says they've ended it on a positive note, I think they're all upset about having to break up. I'd like to think that if he could, Gackt would have tried his best to save the band and to keep it going, but I think things probably just didn't work out the way he wanted it to.

Ag, I'm sorry I always write long stuff on your posts lol.

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"I thought that it was a little weird that only Takumi and Chacha had said something"

See, that's thing. I don't think it was weird at all. They were probably given the job to really explain the situation via Nico, and they happened to be the ones on the show that day.

"when he stays silent like he is now, they're quick to draw the "he doesn't care" card without taking into consideration what he's feeling"

Yup, exactly. It's his own life and career we're talking about, too. And things don't always go the way he plans. I wish he were a little more open about admitting his mistakes, etc. when he makes them because there's nothing wrong with making mistakes, and honesty would make the fans love him even more for that, but GACKT is GACKT, and I accept him as he is 100%. (slightly OT, lol)

I'll make a longer comment later...partly because I've gone over my feelings a few times already XD and I'm reading something else atm too XD...but the part about grown up circumstances w/YFC? I think G actually mentioned it in his YFC blog which was right before the announcement.

Yeah, I thought it was in YFC blog, too, but couldn't find it. Maybe I didn't go back far enough, but... Is it possible he erased that part later??? 9_9;;;

Hhhmmm, that's a good question...maybe? But why?

Perhaps he didn't want people to think that there were these pressures (maybe from their label?) to end the band? I don't know...
But then again, maybe it is still there, and I just couldn't find it. :P

Could be...and I can't help ya Japanese is seriously lacking XD

え〜、ほんとに???? *3*


Pfft...*plugs that in to our beloved google translate* Yes, really!!! XD LOL if the translation is right that is XD LOL

I was never as attached to YFC as other Gackt projects, but I really appreciated that Gackt was wanting to grow and expand his musical interests by working with different people, and I think personally he can be happy that he had tours with this group and singles and an album, which is something he couldn't do with previous collaborations (like SKIN) as long as everyone involved leaves with happy memories, it will have been a success.

Yeah, I feel like maybe he was craving to be a part of a band that felt more like a family, unlike MM or S.K.I.N. which didn't last. So, I'm also glad he was able to do this.

"as long as everyone involved leaves with happy memories, it will have been a success."

Isn't it, though??? ^^d

(Deleted comment)
"a bright firey comet flash through our lives and theirs."

Ah, yes. Just like that. It was beautiful and fun.

Thanks for the comment! ^^

I agree with most of it! He's human and as a human being, he has feelings! And the fact that he has a lot to do and a lot of thoughts with this stage play, maybe he can't (or he doesn't want) to be distracted by sad feelings...but I can't talk for him, so I'll wait for news from him! (I'm waiting for this week's nico nico session, to see who'll be there and what they'll tell)

P.s. "the Devil King" xD

I sure hope more band members will pop up in the Nico studio in the remaining weeks! >_< Fans will love that!

Yes, Devil King. :D

Yeah, they would :D
Maybe they'll all gather for the last one! That would be awesome XD Surely the "Devil King" (lol) would do some pranks as always! (I'm just dreaming, sorry!)

Oh, I really really wish that'll happen, but that's probably unlikely because of how busy some members are... U__U
But yeah, I wanted to see ALL the members together on Nico, at least once...

Yeah, surely they'll appear at least one more time in the last sessions, but maybe not all together :(
Let's hope :)

Yes I think so too... that he's got some serious, deep feelings about the break-up which he doesn't want to talk about till he's completely sorted it all out in his head.

I wonder if he'll come across the hysteria on the internet regarding their breakup? the crazy and strong language which some people have used, the theoris about failure and why-no-America which people (including myself, actually... I was really hoping for an American tour) - i wonder what he'll think of it all. I guess because he's a celebrity, he's used to it all.

Will he see the hysteria? I don't know, but I don't really think so, he's too busy with the play right now... But even if he did, I don't think he cares too much, not because he doesn't care about the fans, but because it's not like he's doing anything to hurt anyone. He's doing the best he can, with the play as well as sorting his feelings regarding the breakup. Maybe a bit frustrated? I have no idea.

As soon as I found out they weren't coming to the US this year, I'd stopped longing for one. Just because it wasn't healthy for me, personally. :P LOL

Wow... so much has happened while I was away from fandom! @_@

For me, it's always been solo over YFC though like you, I loved the energy YFC gave to G. Whatever it was that led to the breakup decision, I'm sure G is focusing hard on moving on. To do better next time, always. That's how he's always been and I'm sure that's how he always will.

With members like Shinya, Takumi & Jon who all have their personal projects/bands, parting at the crossroads seems a given. I'm just glad they all had fun together making great memories <3

Yes, dear Sister. Lots have been happening while you were gone... U___U

"To do better next time, always. That's how he's always been and I'm sure that's how he always will."

Yup, that's pretty much our man. *nods*

The band was a lot of fun! ^^d

Very nice post about the subject!

I'm not personally that upset about the breakup. I mean, I liked the idea and the concept of YFCz and that GACKT seemed to really enjoy being in a project like that (happy Demon King is the best Demon King XD). I also agree the breakup isn't easy for any of the members, and that GACKT is probably much more affected by it than meets the eye.

However, personally, I've never considered the decisions of an artist or a band as my business. In my view, I have no authority to say anything about it. Breakups and such suck big time, and I'll unquestionably be grieving someday when GACKT retires (hopefully NOT anytime soon). But it's not my business.

A relationship between fans and celebrities is like a symbiosis, but an artist is not fan's private property or a family pet. Artist is just a human being, a celebrated and famous figure, but still a human. The decisions he makes are his own decisions, based on the situation in his "celebrity bubble" (BTW, I love this term excused_early), not on the will of fans.

Therefore, although I'm not happy about the breakup, I don't grieve over YFCz either. I just look forward to see what these talented entertainers come up with next :)

"I have no authority to say anything about it."

Yeah, I don't either. Nobody but the artists (and their labels) can have any say in that.
But, just to be clear, my post was specifically focused on the anger/upset that the fans are feeling because of G's silence about the breakup, not the fact that they broke up. I know there are fans who are upset and even angry about the breakup. While I understand them getting upset, anger isn't really called for here.

"Therefore, although I'm not happy about the breakup, I don't grieve over YFCz either. I just look forward to see what these talented entertainers come up with next :)"

Yes! ^^d

(Deleted comment)
You know Val when I'm in deep pain,sad or angry about something I keep silent ,i understand why he's not talking about it. too much going on inside :(
I'm not angry about the break-up ,I look forward to whatever comes & I know he'll surprise us w/ something amazing XD

One thing we can always count on from G is that he keeps on surprising us with something different, new. Sometimes they're not as great as we hoped, but sometimes they're simply amazing. LOL
So, yeah, I look forward to what he's gonna do in the future. ^^

i like the "band" (although i can't really say i can see/ever seen them as a band)... let's remember we already had a YFC ... another lineup the previous year
the news did surprise me, since they were working on an album, so i expected another tour for that album

it doesn't pain me that they're breaking up, but it surprised me
now i'm patiently waiting for the next thing the boys will do :D

Well, I'm not sure if they were working on another album, per se. It turns out Takumi had been creating music for Moon Saga the whole time lately. XD

Yes, let's look forward to that, ne. ^^

Read all these posts about YFCz, people cares about YFCz breakup... I feel happy... sorry, the breakup is sad... but lately I was reading some people saying: "So cool~ YFCz ended at least...", or "I don't like Jon, I'm happy about YFCz breakup...", etc. I was so angry with all these people making all that silly comments... but I feel better now. Just Mr. Gackt and the other members know the reason behind this breakup, but I trust on Gackt, no matter what, I'll support him always ^^
It was wonderful to know more talented musicians, YFCz was a awesome band, I love them... I hope someday they will back ^^

You know, I realize that celebrating a band's breakup can be insensitive to fans, but it doesn't bother me personally at all. I know it hurts when you're heartbroken and others are celebrating, but at the same time, that's how they feel and they have a right to express it.

It'll be fun if they get back together and toured again in the future! ^^d

Thanks for letting us talk about the breakup here. I've been wanting to talk about it but didn't feel comfortable commenting at OGYD, since it's a public forum. ^^;; I've also been wanting to comment on all your recent posts, but I can't seem to be able to get my thoughts in order! Like I keep changing my mind on how I feel, so it's hopeless to try to write it down. XD; So I'll just write what I feel at the moment and apologize for any rambling or saying stuff that doesn't make sense~</p>

I'm disappointed that YFC broke up before they toured the US. You know the main reason I'm disappointed by that! >.< But also because I really wanted to give them a chance. I never got into YFC and didn't put much effort into trying to like them since I was not very interested in them to begin with. But I thought maybe seeing them live would get me into them. Now I'll never know, and I'll never bother buying their album. :/ The hint that they might reemerge with a new lineup is in line with my thought of them as simply being one of G's project's and not a 'real' band, so I actually wasn't too surprised that they broke up, just surprised it was so sudden. I mean, it started out with a different lineup, and then the YFC "concept" changed a few times, so I assumed it would either change or end at some point.

But I can understand how sad the big fans of YFC are after hearing the news. I had no idea they were thinking of continuing for 10 years. Less than a year is a far cry from 10 years! I also didn't know Takumi's role was such a major one in the band, I'd always assumed G was the showrunner, but I guess that's wrong? It makes sense, then that he tasked Takumi with the job of breaking the news.

As for G's silence, I have mixed feelings. I like how you explained how you feel, and appreciate your insight into the man. I very much agree with all that you've said, that G doesn't lead an ordinary life and his reaction (or lack thereof) reflects that extraordinary way of living. And I agree that it's no excuse for his behavior. I strongly believe he needs to step up and take responsibility and give his fans an explanation. I'd prefer some kind of "official statement" that acknowledges major changes, not necessarily expecting that they'll give us any real reasons, but simply an "official" one. Because no matter what they say, there will always be speculation and conspiracy theories by the fans, so might as well provide some closure, say we're done talking about it, and move on.

I don't doubt he'll come forward very soon and talk long and hard about it. But I'm disappointed that he hasn't done so already, and that he had Takumi make that comment on the radio, which I haven't even listened to yet (only read your translation! Btw, do you know if it's up on Youtube?) It's unprofessional, and his Twitter comment came off as sulky. It seems from his comment that he was against the breakup. But if it really was because some of the members wanted to do other things, I can totally understand them wanting to leave YFC. I'm sure they blocked off months in their schedule, expecting a US tour and an Asia tour, and when those were delayed/canceled for whatever reason, they just couldn't continue waiting to see what happened and needed to get on with their lives. I think if they were an actual cohesive band, it could've worked out, but as a side project, it was always going to be difficult to expect this lineup to continue on forever when everyone had other things they were doing. By the way, do Chacha and You do anything else besides support G? And randomly, I miss JOB. When Ju-ken disappeared without a word of explanation from G or anyone, I knew that bands just weren't G's thing. :\

Thanks again for letting us rant in here! :D

You know the first thing I thought when I read your comment?



Ohhhhhhhhh, I know what you mean. I do like them as a band, but I'm not into them like I am into GACKT's solo career, far from it. But I thought seeing them live may make me fall head-over-heels in love with them. But alas, that wasn't meant to be. NOT TO MENTION MY DATE WITH MY SISTA IS ON HOLD ONCE AGAIN. ;A;

You know what, I have a feeling that GACKT really started to... sort of... live more for himself, than for the fans, in the past several years. That's not to say he doesn't care about his fans, really, but I get the feeling that he really doesn't care what his fans think about him, partly because he feels so strongly in his own beliefs and also because he believes his true fans will understand/forgive him for it.
I don't know, it's all just my feelings on him and I could be way off, and it also doesn't excuse him from being so unprofessional, but it still explains it.

I also feel like GACKT may still not know exactly what'll happen to YFCz in the years to come. Will this be a breakup forever, or will it come back with some member changes, and if so, what's their purpose going to be? It's probably not easy to think about all these things right now.

Not sure if the video's up on YT, but Franck has the DL links.

Yes, for all the reasons you mention, I don't think YFCz was meant to last too long, unfortunately.
I have no idea if Cha and You do anything outside of supporting G.... 9____9 I don't really think so. I know that You has hobbies (mountain climbing and photography, also snowboarding). XD

You know what, I MISS JOB, too!!
I thought maybe I miss them because the JOB members were an older bunch (and I'm old-ish. XD). But I don't know...
I miss Ju-Ken, I miss Chirolyn, even Jun-ji.
You know, someone (who was it, GACKT himself or someone else in JOB? I think it was G.) briefly talked about how, in the end, Ju-ken was in it more for money than for the art, and that was the major reason of his leaving JOB. This was said in a matter-of-factly way and not in a blaming way, but Ju-ken wasn't around to defend himself if he saw things differently.

I think G really delegated YFCz responsibilities and roles very well among the members, though. He trusted them enough to work as a team, not 'GACKT's team'. We'll never know how happy or unhappy other members were, though, will we? <^^;;

Thanks for ranting, Sis!! Your rants are always welcome in my LJ, you know? <3

Yessss, I do care! I even surprised myself! XDD Well, no matter how disappointed I get here and there about things he does, and how far from the fandom I get, I'll never lose faith in him. If he does just one more solo album and one more Visualive, I will die happy. Until then, I'll just wait! And after waiting so long, if he never tours the US, I'll be fine with that too. BUT, I think you and I have to make GRANDER plans, don't we? *rubs hands together* ^^

Yup yup, I agree with you and I see that too. It's sad, because he used to care so much for the fans, and his words to us had such healing powers. I personally have him to thank for making me like certain parts of myself. The recent G is more focused on himself, like you said. *sigh*

For now, I hope he takes a break from the YFC concept and focuses on finishing MOON. I've been waiting sooo long for this chapter of the saga! I am a little scared, though, to think about where he might take the story given how he's changed since he last worked on it. I'm hopeful though. ^^

Thanks for the link! I don't download stuff anymore though, so I might go searching for it later at YT. ^^;

I think Chacha and You should hire a singer and form their own new band. XDD

Ahahah, "even Jun-ji" made me laugh. XDDD He aaaalmost grew on me, but never quite made it. G used to say such great things about Ju-ken and how much he brought to JOB. I hadn't heard that money was the major reason he left.... 9_9 Well I could turn it around and say that probably no amount of money is worth working for the devil taskmaster. XDD Maybe that's why people always end up leaving, because health and sanity are much more important than a paycheck! XD

Thanks, I'll continue ranting as necessary! :D

Just a brief comment: IIRC, it was actually Sugizo who said Ju-ken was mostly about money, that's why they never concidered him as a member of SKIN. Don't remember the source though T_T But it was a long interview.. and it sounded quite bitter/harsh, as for me.

Ohhhhhh, it was Sugizo..... @_@;;;;

Understanding Gackt-san

Thank you so much for this! I am a newbie when it comes to Gackt fandom and I admit that the man is at times a complete mystery to me. There are times when I raise my eyebrows at his comments or actions - he sometimes seems to me like a "spoiled brat” (esp. when reading parts of Jihaku) but on the other hand when reading the Gacktionary I am also amazed at all the wisdom he has. Gackt has many sides and I am a long way from understanding him well. Obviously, you have been a fan for a long time and it’s great that you take a moment like this to explain your understanding of him.

I love his music, his creativity, his artistry, and yes, I also adore all of his quirks <3!! I’m looking forward to discovering more about him and following his career for many more years I hope. As is now very clear to me, being a Gackt fan is never boring!! I do agree that the "superstar bubble" will make him act in ways that we can't understand and might find odd or off-putting at times, we being… you know, not superstar ;-P but everyone has flaws, let’s not forget that. And I do believe like you that he must be hurting with the breakup, hence the long silence.

Being new to all this, I can’t say I have strong feelings either way about the YFCz breakup. The only thing really was the hope of seeing Gackt live in my country some day. But YFCz or not, our beloved singer might still be able to accomplish that dream of his of touring the world. Most important is, like many here and on Twitter have said, to keep giving Gackt our love and support and to be patient, especially in this time where his life seems to be.. hmm... hectic? :-D

Re: Understanding Gackt-san

He IS a mystery...... *w*;;;
To me, that's what makes him so interesting to follow, too.
But I haven't been a long fan, really! Only 3 years. I missed all of his really shy and soft-spoken days, except for what I can find on YT, etc.

Nope, being a GACKT fan is never boring, that's for sure!!
Aren't we lucky? ;D LOL

For some reason, I'm not that worried about him touring overseas... Not sure if it has anything to do with the fact that I could possibly arrange my trip back to Japan during his tour days... X'3 But I've never been to his live, and I've heard that once you've been to one, you'd yearn and crave it more and more... Not sure if I want that for myself, to be honest! LOL

I had totally escaped from the internet during the last 3 days.
After I came back I saw that a lot of things happened.
After catching up on everything, I would like to comment about YFC too.

I think it’s totally okay that GACKT haven’t made a (concrete) statement about the YFC breakup yet.
Of course it would be interesting to hear his feelings and
thoughts about it and I believe he will talk about in the future.

I have been emotional attached to YFC in a very strong way
and it’s hurtful for me to lose them...
I made an entry about the breakup of YFC on my LiveJournal...
(no idea if someone will ever read it...) it helped me do,
what GACKT couldn’t do yet, sort my feelings.
I cried while writing it, not because I’m frustrated about the end, just because of the fact that I have the feeling of losing something that became very dear to me....

Don't get me wrong... but I sometimes have
the feeling that some people do forget that he is human
because he is often acting cool and strong but I believe that he has a very kind and caring heart and that he probably is more sensitive than he appears, maybe the YFC breakup hurts him more than we all can guess...
Maybe he needs more time to deal with it himself before he wants to talk about it in public.....

I love GACKT as a person, a man, an artist, a musician... every unique aspect of him that I was lucky enough to see until today and I believe that when he is ready to share his feelings with us, he will do it because I strongly believe that, if there is one thing that is really important to him, it’s his fans.

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