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The character in Sengoku Basara serie is called "Mahou no Ossan" by the other characters, it's a name they use to not call him "Oda Nobunaga" all the time, or simply because they hate him ! :P

Thanks for the translation ! ^^

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Hahaha, really?
Well, that makes sense then! XD


totally goes with the sparky top! yes...yes it does! :D

Another IV? *sigh* It's already started then? I don't like hearing that he's sick, but I still feel we will this summer. *hugs him*

On another note...G, quit making stuff I don't care for, well, rather sexy >.<...It's getting annoying! XD *can't decide whether to kiss him, or shave him* XD

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heheheheeh XD

*managed to catch breath long enough to read*

"Then, I went by the hospital to get IV..."
Gackt, dear, I kinda get the (ever so subtle) feeling that you abuse the availability of IVs. They're not there as a replacement for sleep and nutrition.

Thank you, valval <3

Well....better than him collapsing and then needing one, at least. At this point, I'm surprised he doesn't have his own private stash.

Oh God, he looks like a pimp from a gangster movie in the first photo xDDD Thanks for the translation <3

Cannot unsee Orlando Bloom.

I'm glad he had fun, and *sigh* about the hospital visit. Well at least it was voluntary, this time.

(Deleted comment)
Mr. Camui, as much as I admire you, you can be veeery irritating sometimes. But at least you know that you are abusing yourself. Small favors...
Nevertheless, entertaining and interesting message.
Thank you for your swift translation!

By the way, what is "mahou"....?

Mahou 魔法 = magic.

Mahou no Ossan = magical ossan

Oh, thank you. Sometimes I really wonder he must have some magical powers. At least something time-related. He seems to be living in different time-space continuum than the rest of us. That is why he has time to do almost everything.

Yes, THAT.
And not sleeping.



He can always replace sleep by getting an iv and KiAi.

Mahou doesn't also mean "King" ??? Because it's the meaning they are constantly using in the serie. You can hear the sentence here ! ^^

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Ohhhhhhhhh, then Franck, you meant Maou, not Mahou. XD

Maou means Devil King, yes. XD
Well, that makes more sense now! LOL

Hahahaha, that way, you can see once again that I'm a total dumb when I'm supposed to write in japanese ! LOL
I though there was something wrong so I posted the video ... I was right ! LOL

(I would have never though a single h could change the word "devil king" into "magical" ... xDDD

I'm dying x°°°D too much fun, but...mmh...maybe it's the sunglasses (lmao) but he looks good 0ç0
"Maybe I'll appear in dramas like this from now on"...don't you dare XD
"I don't know how many years I can keep abusing my body like this" least he's thinking about what he's doing, even if he won't stop 'till the very end...

Thanks a lot for the translation!!!! ヾ(^∇^)

He's determined to make me cry with all this IV stuff being frequently pumped into him. God sakes...

Thanks for the translation !
I like how he look with mustache, it's so manly!

OMG the mustache is killing me,look at his smug face lol
Thank you Val for translating <3

Thanks for the translation!

"Viva Super Ossan" I almost fell off my chair laughing when reading this :D

But, IV...AGAIN? Oh man...Well, I guess if he sees overworking his body is the way he wants to live then good for him. But so worrying for us! Evil, evil Super Ossan ;D

thank you Valval!^^

lol... love this man so so much......... i just can't ;___; i'm between hysterical laughing and tears :3 <333333333 XD

*runs around in circles and hugs all the Dears in reach*

GACKT with mustache,... it was a big shock in fandoms.^ _ ^ but look at him..... you look more him with it, he looks more attractive...^^ the most i like is, he is always smiling..^^

G sweetie please slow down IVs are not an alternative to actually resting you are aware of this right?

Side note I hate him so much right now for making that mustache look so damn good.

I agree. He should slow down a little. At the age of (almost) 40 years old he can't continue pretending he's over 400 forever. Not that anyone should decide how he should live though. I'm just worried. I want Mr. Gackt to stay alive healthy even if it's not to "entertain" us. Please Gackt-San, try to take better care of yourself!
I think I know what it is like to feel that you have to do as much as possible in a short time. I'm sick and slowly getting weaker so I should learn something from you Gackt! I too should do a lot before I die! :)

This man makes me shake my head.

The mustache and glasses really make him look his age (ever so close to 40! Eek!) it also manifested an image in my mind Of him in a cheesy 70's porno, or driving a nondescript white van. Lol he should also be smoking a cigar. Hahaha.
Thanks for the translation and pics Val! I laughed so hard. I'm glad he'll probably be losing the 'stache in the next 24 hrs for the play. (or at least I hope so!)
And yeah, that guy needs to stop pushing himself so hard! Yikes!

Well, he couldn't grow his own mustache anymore even if he wanted to, so, yup, I'm sure he's lost this fake one already. ;D

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