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BayFM Summaries
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I'm just gonna summarize a few things I thought were interesting. (Download available here, courtesy of amazing pyroyale.)

The DJ is definitely a fangirl, she's a bit annoying with her over-the-top enthusiasm for GACKT. Srsly, she keeps going on and on about how awesome GACKT-sama is...., which I can't really blame her for, I guess... X'3
These are summaries, but I used italics for the directly translated parts.

He was on the show for the first time in 3 months.

  • Talks about his love for snowboarding. Wants to show the world how great a snowboarder you can be even if you start it after 30.
  • Advertises Dragon Age movie, calling it "real dark fantasy". I'm assuming he means "realistic and dark fantasy". ^^  Wants to know if people can recognize which character he's lending his voice to.
  • The message of Until The Last Day, "It's a dying message from a wounded soldier in a battlefield to those who are trying to flee. It's a very patronizing message that comes from a very fleeting moment. The major theme of the song is 'What's really scary is not dying but your life itself in which you chose to keep running away, is it not?' Are you not running away? Don't run away from your weaknesses, and keep on fighting the things you know you have to face."
  • (He sounds like he has a candy in his mouth while he talks here, but it turns out later he was munching on fruit. ^^)
  • He says he's been immersed in 'movies' in the last 2 months including the Dragon Age filming, but soon adds "Well, or so I hear" in order to make it sound vague. Hmmmmm, the boy's been busy. DOING MOVIES. =w=  Spill it all out, boy, spill it out. Or is he just talking about Tempest 3D movie, Dragon Age movie, and Bunraku? 9_9
  • On Bunraku. I'm skipping all the things we already know. :P  He says the director loves Japanese culture/subcultures, and he thinks some of the scenes may remind people of some old video games. To tell you the truth, there was a time during the filming of this movie when I completely lost it. Even though I was invited to be there to play the second leading role, since I was a first grader (as in student) in Hollywood, their handling of me was very poor. And I just completely lost it during the filming and said "DON'T F**K WITH A ROCK STAR" and destroyed the set. The director later came to me to apologize, and to him I said "You f**k with a rock star, and you pay the consequences". Hahahahaha, what am I, a kid? HAHAHAHAHA (He laughs so heartily here, you just have to huggle him... X'3). So, here I am, still a first-grader GACKT, acting childishly like that. Well, despite this, I continued working really hard (during the filming), and Demi Moore came over and said to me, "GACKT, how can you keep working so hard?", and that got me asking myself, "Why? Why am working so hard?" and came to the conclusion that "That's because I'm samurai".  In the end, I am samurai.
  • He points out the 'dragon' connection between Dragon Age, Tempest (one of the motifs of the show), and Bunraku (the dragon medal). He didn't mention it, but there's also Fuurinkazan, where he played Kenshin, who is associated with a dragon, too. @_@
  • In response to a question: "Knowing now how grueling the filming was, would you accept it if you had an offer again?"  He says it's a good question, and goes on to say it's his life policy to always choose the more difficult option, knowing that he will have gained more experience, learned more, and grown more as a man after overcoming that experience.
  • He explains the character, Jo Teigai (calls him an extreme pervert LOL), and says "I LOVE THIS CHARACTER". He then says "To the move directors of the world, please don't offer me good-guy roles, what I love to play are bad guys."

OK, that's it.

By the way, I edited the translation of Maria. <^^;;;

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Yeah...... *sigh*

So, it looks like I have to just explain it rather than using an adjective (because "from-a-higher-point-of-view song" doesn't really work, does it?).... =/

"A song from a higher/superior point of view"?

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