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Nemuri - No Spoiler!
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My Nemuri DVD arrived this morning along with PATI PATI (Normally, I just let the doorbell ring and not get up if I'm still in bed, but today, I jumped out and ran downstairs to catch the not-so-persistent mailman halfway back to his delivery truck =w=). Thanks so much for doing this, Kellie!

I'm not gonna say anything about the story, etc. because I don't want to spoil it for anybody. I know we've all been dying to watch it. (Although, I do have to say some people may want to know the storyline at least a little because I have a feeling it'll be really difficult for a lot of overseas fans to follow it... 9_9;)

So, let me just say one thing because I've just watched the actual play as well as the bonus footage, and my impressions will never be fresher than they are right now.

No matter what, after you see both the play and the bonus DVD, you will fall in love with GACKT all over again, I guarantee it.
It made me realize, once again, what makes me keep on following him.


Can't wait for you all to get your copies, too!!! >_<

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Even when he is far from flawless on the bonus DVD, he's still FLAWLESS (did you see what I mean on that?)

(Um, if you have time, this is the synopsis I wrote after going for the second time. I've read through it again after watching the DVD and I don't think there are any major holes in it, but can you check it? Seems stupid to write a synopsis from scratch when there's one floating around that might just need tweaking.)

Hahahahahahaha XD♥

"Even when he is far from flawless on the bonus DVD, he's still FLAWLESS (did you see what I mean on that?)"

Yes. Yes, I certainly do.
To me, that far-from-flawless G on the bonus was actually even more flawless (But how, Val, how??? *0*;;;) than Nemuri in play (did you see what I mean on that?) X'D

I was blown away by your synopsis.... How did you get all the details from just watching the play a couple of times and scarce explanations available online? @_@
You're not really British, are you?
You came from the future with a universal translator microchip in your brain. I know it.

Anyway. :D
I have to honestly say I am immensely relieved that I don't need to supply a synopsis for the fandom... \;0;/
I think it's mostly correct, but there are a few things I'm not too sure about, I think mostly because they kept changing the play bit by bit until the last day. Perhaps you should leave your original synopsis as it is, and just provide another updated one for the DVD?
I'll try to get back to you with the few things I'm not too sure about, but I have to check the DVD again, so give me a little time. ;3


Congrats on getting it, Val!!

I'll just.. hope mine gets posted before I go to Japan to get it in Yamanashi myself. :"D

Thankies~ :D
You'll get to see him soon. ;w;

Hm? Are you going to Yamanashi??? I did not know that! @_@



You know you'll never get to see it?
Oh, you mean the play itself? Me, too~ =/

Hope you didnt injured yourself when you ran after him. XD
Nemuri is something that all should know and will never resist from loving.
Its a great play, even though I never got to see him doing it..
But no matter what, grats~~!!!

Thanks, girl. Hope you'll get to watch it soon, too. ^^

Awww ! Waiting for miiiiine ! Wanna see Samurai G too ! XD

But I'm glad for you, Dearest Val ! ^^

I'm not surprised to read you saying G looks amazing in Samurai mode... At least, it's the way he wants to live, so... ! :D

Let's follow him to-to-together forever ! ;D

Oh, he looks really goooooooooooood........ @____________@
He built the body of samurai for the role, so his kimono looks super good on him!

Yes, to-to-to-to-togeza!!!! :'D

I can't wait for my copy to arrive!!
Sadly my copy is getting shipped with UtLD and the YFCz albums, so I'll get it a little later than everyone else >___<;;
Still!!! Uber excited for Nemuri-sama *A* I'm glad you loved it so much!!

Oh, you combined shipping? That's good, though! Shipping can cost an arm and leg..... ;A;

I did enjoy the play, it was entertaining and exciting. But it was actually the whole "GACKT DID IT, AND DID IT WELL" thing that chokes me up... ;w; (Wuuuuuuuut? X'D)

KYAAAAA~~~~ can't wait for my copy!!!!!! *bounces around like a crazy gumball* <3333333333333333

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, such a cute gumball....... *picks it up and snuggles against it♥*

I want mine~~ *whines* ;___; .... but when will you tell us the story line? (P.S. i just picked up my photobook... but didnt open it yet. last day of class till spring break... I'll wait till tonight so its a treat ^^)

I'm not, because there's already an excellent one here! :p

Oh yay, photobook and spring break, awesome!!!!! \0/

I can't wait for my copy and because of the Muku fiasco and because I am crazy I ended up ordering from CDJapan because I fear he is just holding them all hostage on us, besides what's the worst that can happen I'll have two copies.

Oh my gosh, you mean you ordered two copies?? @_@
*hugglez you tight*

Yeah, I'm sorry about Muku.... =/ It's such a shame.
Having two copies won't be too bad, it's true! After all, it's GORGEOUSNESS. *_____*d

I can't wait to get my copy too.
I want to see the play since I heard about it for the first time.
GACKT looks so amazing in the play!

It's good to hear that you like it so much.

I did the same thing like leggyron.
I ordered it via Muku first but I started to believe that I won't get it from him anymore and ordered it again at other shop. Now I at least know that I will get it.

You'll get to see him soon, sweetie!!! :'D

Oh no, you did, too?
Man, it sounds he's causing more and more trouble now. I mean, that's a lot of money people are paying 'extra' because of his (lack of) business. =/

But yes, at least you won't need to worry about getting a copy now!!!

I sadly didn't order it because I know I wouldn't understand what is going on xD; I hope to maybe one day if I see it on sale again, but I'm still waiting for the chickenz & are spending so much with the YFC dvdz alone xD

I'm happy that you enjoyed it! I hope everyone enjoys it! I'm sure Gackt is amazing, as usual.

Yeah, that's what I was worried about, too, but Kellie (points to her comment) has provided a really good synopsis of it in her journal, and that should be enough to enjoy the story, I think. :3

But yeah, I know what you mean.
With YFCz STILL talking about N and S American tours (WITHOUT GIVING ANY SPECIFIC TIME FRAME OF COURSE), it's so hard to plan anything financially. He's such an expensive hobby, I tell ya. =__________=

He is amazing, yes! I'm sure you'll get to see it for yourself sooner or later. <333

Just went and checked when I ordered it and it was 18th of october!!!!;____;one day after my birthday That's almost FIVE months ago.... We've been waiting for it for soooooooo long! orz... Cant wait to watch my copy!!!

What about the bonus DVD synopsis?;D Just kidding just kiddinh!xD But really who can wait till the next or perhaps over next week?;___;

It really has been a LONG road..... *looks far away*

"What about the bonus DVD synopsis"

LOL I was actually wondering about that myself ;P, but luckily, the GACKT interview part is completely subbed in Japanese, so hopefully somebody can translate from that. :D;;

If you've waited this long, you can wait another week or two. *pats pats* :'3

I need to wait a little more for my copy but damn I need it now orzzzz

It'll be all the sweeter when it finally arrives, dear!!! ;w;♥

Excuse the late comment - just wanted to say that I'm so pleased that you have this to love! It's wonderful how none of the people who would really know how good it is (e.g. Kellie from seeing the stage show, you from knowing the Japanese) are anything other than totally delighted! It must be a great production.

I ordered mine ages ago (last Autumn?) from amazon or HMV but nothing has arrived yet so I guess I just need to be patient *sigh* I bought the sugizo soundtrack last year so at least I have something to keep my company in the long wait!

Oh, it's a beautiful production, KK. The play itself may be a bit boring at some points for some people when G's not on the stage and it's just Japanese being spoken, I don't know... But I personally enjoyed every bit of it. Great actors, too!

I sure hope you get it soon, KK.
Oh, I wish I had that Sugizo soundtrack, I don't think it's up for sale now, is it?

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