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red rose


My GACKTish Days

and some other days

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Nemuri - No Spoiler!
red rose
My Nemuri DVD arrived this morning along with PATI PATI (Normally, I just let the doorbell ring and not get up if I'm still in bed, but today, I jumped out and ran downstairs to catch the not-so-persistent mailman halfway back to his delivery truck =w=). Thanks so much for doing this, Kellie!

I'm not gonna say anything about the story, etc. because I don't want to spoil it for anybody. I know we've all been dying to watch it. (Although, I do have to say some people may want to know the storyline at least a little because I have a feeling it'll be really difficult for a lot of overseas fans to follow it... 9_9;)

So, let me just say one thing because I've just watched the actual play as well as the bonus footage, and my impressions will never be fresher than they are right now.

No matter what, after you see both the play and the bonus DVD, you will fall in love with GACKT all over again, I guarantee it.
It made me realize, once again, what makes me keep on following him.


Can't wait for you all to get your copies, too!!! >_<

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I can't wait for my copy to arrive!!
Sadly my copy is getting shipped with UtLD and the YFCz albums, so I'll get it a little later than everyone else >___<;;
Still!!! Uber excited for Nemuri-sama *A* I'm glad you loved it so much!!

Oh, you combined shipping? That's good, though! Shipping can cost an arm and leg..... ;A;

I did enjoy the play, it was entertaining and exciting. But it was actually the whole "GACKT DID IT, AND DID IT WELL" thing that chokes me up... ;w; (Wuuuuuuuut? X'D)

Yup, I didn't realize you could do that until recently xD;;

Awwww, how wonderful ;3;~

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